Sunday, July 31, 2016

Plain-air at last!

after rebodying one of the stages according to my doll's world observations is trying to do the great outdoors. I caught myself on remembering suddenly in the middle of the roadtrip - damn, i forgot my doll...but i don't have any outdoor doll...any doll in any bushes just doesn't make sense... if it is going to be forest I need something elfin.. .that takes planning, preparation and first of all a lot of serious sawing an di have short memory and not that much doll time (and day light) to spare...

Look! A mint shed!
but i have made first small step - I stepped outside my backyard kitchen door and used my aged brick walls and stylish mint green shed;-)
= Here are Generation Girl Nichelle with California Lea trying to enjoy themselves...

 look look, space inbetween

 shed shed shed, oh! shed!
was it any good?
 and a classic;-)

observation - it is not that easy to mae your dol ooking ful of life and graceful when you are in a hurry and
plainair sessions are merciless for your spine and knees;-)

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  1. Asha w mini loczkach powala!
    K/L omotałabym chuścinę by
    podkreślić egzotyczne korzenie...

  2. slusznie.. niedoubrana jakas...