Thursday, December 1, 2016

Adventures in rebodying 3 & 4

oh, I think I have cought that bug now...
Thought that it would be good to use fashionista's body which i got from Sweden for my Hairtastic Barbie which is hollow-legs stiff and its a pity. I made it super economic and used that body to bring back to life one of pleasant Macie face, ash-blonde heads I got...

it goes something like this:
 soon, so soon my dear. be patient, its just a bit of mattel's glue/goo

both still still on painkillers
Hairtastic Barbie awake and enjoying her new self
uh oh, stiff but alive!

p.s. she is Fashionista Barbie - originally wearing rather painful hot pink and black set... i would/ should let her go but now she is mine with this body, oh dear...

such a minimal make-up and great hair color but..
which is super annoying as I own /at this point/ both far left Lea / Kayla dolls and not so secretly desire 2 middle Teresas, hmmmm

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  1. Can hardly believe the glue on that fashionista neck knob! Anyway, your hairtastic doll looks great on her new body! She must really be enjoying it!

  2. soon after she got nice garden session /that was July/ which will publish some time soon;-)

  3. oglądałam kilka wróżek i syren
    pod kątem uczłowieczania - jednak
    ceny trochę mnie odstraszyły...