Sunday, December 25, 2016

My doll fall nr 56

Back to me raporting on one massive dolly week from late May 2016..
After lucky carboot sale Livs and two more on eBay - I stumbled upon this set of Lea / Kayla mold dolls... well yes, I actively typed 'Lea', mea culpa... devil obviously wanted me to win this one as well...

Here they are on eBay pictures (with quite nice natural looking yet contemporary Barbie with darker streaks - found a good home already).

how could i resist...

parcels accumulation...
 on arrival

Lea's bob is so well made I wasn't sure if she has her hair cut at all - must have been and adolescent owner / collector... She has very pale pink lips and characteristic necklace so I knew identification won't be that difficult...

I had two candidates - ones to the right, 
but only the last one has a fringe and really narrow / asian? eyes. 

she is Fashion Fever wave C:
from which I accidentally own the pink Mackie, blue Kayla and desire Teresas ofc...

as she is 2004 Hawaian Kayla I decided to cover her up as I always tend to do with beach doll...

(btw. shouldn't Leas be more 'asian' - and super hawaii in this case indeed... why she is called Kayla then, hmmmmm)

 full and half-length view of my purple styling

She is wearing hand-made felt hat, inScene heather collared coat, hand-made mini dress in pink and plum, upcycled warm tights and Liv doll boots /my fav for next few moths;-)/
 dreamy close-up

and here is a close-up of her bob:-)

it's a lovely doll, really happy to have her. A bit pensive with Gioconda smile...

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  1. K/L zawsze mnie wzruszają -
    łagodność Ich pysiałków z
    podskórną tajemnicą - w tej
    krótszej fryzurce jak z
    Leona Zawodowca :)

  2. tez tak je widze... usmiech MonaLisy...