Tuesday, May 2, 2017

BHF mega box

so called 'the last one before holidays' was a really big huge job lot...
a bit too big and it left a bad taste in my mouth - taste of the overdose...
To be honest I am still re-selling and generally - processing these dolls over 6 months later...

The story goes - once I discovered that British charities have their eBay accounts... British Heart Foundation (BHF) is amazing in doing that and they have quality stuff, everything from 4,99 basically. All proceeds go to charity...everyone happy. no guilt whatsoever;-)
One week they had, I don't know, but more than five listings with more than 10 fully dressed dolls in them...many with AA dolls and even DOTW ones! I missed number of them as I though paying over 20 is a bit crazy and having such a massive supply of corpses is irresponsible (essp. after last Superstar invasion;-))... but as addicted as i am to both dolls and eBay - I managed to win one of hose auctions in the end...

Delivery was amazing, super fast and sms coordinated...yet despite running from library like a crazy person with pushchair I missed it by few minutes and found my box behind the shed or thrown over our garden wall ufff...

 there you go...and one with me carrying my baby (must have been like 4 kg, really)

they came as a sticky tangled and squeezed mess - what an exciting challenge:-)

I will new have to, sorry;-), go through it doll by doll - not all pics are fab but identification posts are always fun and helpful:-)

The dress is really well made but I really don't like it:-) It turned out to be Discover the World with Barbie magazine set 'Italy' (court edition I imagine). Doll got sold as a head with long hair and minimal makeup /unidentified/).

next one has a lovely face, crimped hair that have been in ponytails for a looong time and a cute dress from the epoque - still for sale if you fancy!

She turned out to be wearing Sindy's dress (unidentified /rollerskater?/doll but rock climbing wears the same fabric) and Barbie is Butterfly Princes 1994 with a slight cat eye and a spark:

ha, wait! google images just showed me the right picture at last;-)

Next to emerge was Cool Blue Barbie with Mackie face. As much as it is a classic doll she is not part of my generation memory, so to speak..I do not digest baby blue too well and platinum blondes are not my thing:-)
it is a fab doll tho - she has aqua blue nails, pink canvas shoes and a ring on her thumb, She was carrying her original accessory and hat was still attached - went t o a loving home (I am so strong sometimes;-)

 just few appreciation pics;-)
next in line for new life was her:

two in one - fab Pearl Beach barbie in a Songbird 95 dress:-)
 the doll had two versions. Teresa came in lavender dress.
both items went to new loving homes already... serious case of blue...
Then I dug out this one - 

her limbs were not repairable, decoloured and hair cut. First I stole her red studs and then I cut her to make this cannibalistic jewelry, maybe..

Next one was articulated gymnast barbie wearing nice MyScene fashions (as it turned out by accident). Doll despite being patchy went to France.
 First edition, boxed doll's clothes are now enjoyed by Liv:-)

After her comes...
 a true sticky, decoloured zombie doll in dreadful crocheted gown...her fingers are missing...her necklace is yellowed...
 oh wait, she has strawberry earrings (slightly sun bleached too)...decent Mackie face of Avon's Strawberry Sorbet dolly doll...
 but she used to look rather healthy when new and her outfit was fun. (if she is supposed to smell fruity - that was not the case...)
 here are two pics 'goodbye body' and 'un-dead spring bride' I guess
 I refreshed her hair and she is waiting for months now for my earrings inspired Kawaii styling to become reality... re-root maybe?

...the next layer reveals...

 ...one more bride from hell. Her hair are lovely tho - another 'minimal' make-up head to sell. Her dress doesn't have a tag but it is super puffy and has at least three different layers of tulle (you saw her in some previous sessions.. time machine;-)

...let me see...who was next...
 ..oh these three guys in evening clothes... I never ever had one, ever and now I understand why my Mum opposed so much  they are rather dreadful indeed... the classic 80's one has a farmer not superstar face...the later ones (which I completely missed out on somehow) have nice Superman sculpt, but molded hair are unacceptable...

After being immortalised by the cameo appearance in my Crystal Carriage session I sold them separately even tho the most handsome one was articulated and photographed really well actually...

Next emerged lovely Superstar in super exciting outfit - padded (metallic pink unfortunately) sporty vest, indigo denims with a Barbie tag and tadaaa! black hiking shoes!

Doll wearing it is, barely recognizable, SoapBubble Angel 1994

 still waiting for adoption...

Next discovery is Mackie doll wearing tacky gold gown and sporting crazy hairstyle... quite successful make-up and natural looking eyebrows!

 Beside wearing two useful dark necklaces she, as I've found out accidentally, was wearing South African fashions... she also had fun pink digital watch which origin I tried to trace...(yet i suddenly cannot remember where it is???)

at lest I discovered this line: Funtime Barbie 1986

but who is that girl with strange feet, springs and fun yet clicking articulated body...

 Her hair was not cut she is just an active girl - dressed by Speedo - Flip 'n Dive Barbie wearing Speedo Brand Swimsuit, 1998... She has a lovely face but the body makes her difficult to re-sale - the spring is way too strong so I don't even want to try it out in water;-) (oh, and there was Teresa tooo)...

Last but not least - my second Hollywood Nails Barbie in strange looking but well made dress...
I will keep her for her pale body and amazing face..re-root possibly?

 ok, oh dear...i think I have to make this into two posts in the end;-)..


  1. Rewelacyjna paka! Uwielbiam takie zestawy wymagające odświeżenia, lalki po domowym SPA odzyskują dawny blask. A wśród nich mogą być ukryte prawdziwe perełki. Zazdroszczę ciemnoskórej Barbie Rapunzel :)

  2. Dziekowac dziekowac.
    Hostorie odmaczania AA juz niebawem.
    Oniesmiela i konfunduje mnie ta Rapunzel...oszalamiajaca i nijak z tymi wlosami nie umiem jej uwspolczesnic:-)

  3. Ale fajny łup. Będą ludzie z części tych lalek :) Z ciekawością czekam na drugą część reportażu z odkrywania zawartości paki :)

  4. zabawe skonczylam dopiero niedawno.
    wlasciwie gre wstepna - identyfikowanie, czyszczenie, odsprzedawanie

    1. a czy Macki Roszpunkę też planujesz
      "oddać w dobre ręce???? jakby co -
      jam chętna wielce okazać Jej serce!

  5. aaa - ogrodniczki - super łup,
    wespół z tenisówkami - godny
    pożądania i zachwytu - WOOOOW!