Saturday, May 20, 2017

Stroll by campus' broads

Today a mini reportage from a little outing my restyled charity shop lucky find did. Horse-riding, auburn-hazelnut hair colored Superstar beauty in my favorite, peacock-petrol colour scheme...
The location is once again UEA boardwalk along its broads...

She i swearing deep purple weekend chinos, fancy yet simple Indian silk top, deep emerald scarf, sapphire bag and boots from Livs collection and a hat (which turned out to be unnecessary in this lovely  weather) just as the purple cardigan;-)

Few control fashion shoots...

and off we go
 oh the annoying disobeying hair... just hit me - i need to compare her eye make-up with the Hollywood-Nails one...
 oh what a great face in the best colours ever dear Superstar!

exploring the natural world and being pensive;-)

and  a portrait in above mentioned hat.. 

and a bonus one with a Giant! LOL

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  1. Mały Olbrzym wespół z uroczą lalką
    ślicznie się komponują - przyroda
    Im najwyraźniej służy :)