Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Christie and Nichelle restyled

...aaaand a sudden change of weather...
thoughts about autumn and woodland walks... shawls and boots.

You could see sneak-peaks of this session while I was showing these girls for the first time.
Navy jersay pieces are hand-made. I can't believe how graceful and easy to shoot they are <3

No comments, just photo spam and one more honorary mention of Christies blushes and quality of her hair! <3



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  1. Fajne stylizacje, pasują dziewczynom. Idealne na jesienne spacery, zawczasu przygotowałaś kolekcję jesień-zima 2017? ;D

  2. raczej 1995 (zolte) sfotografowana w 2016 ale ciiiii