Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Oh dear - My dolls nr 106 & 107-108

Do you think I had a little bit of an overload and should make a decision of not buying or saving any more dolls, right.
Well I did, and imediately what my beautiful eyes see one eBay ...cheap, sooooo 90's Superstar Barbies...and another one from the same seller with a red lips (score!) and truly tasteful gown...

I basicly didn't meant to win them as auction ended in the middle of my Thursday floristry course...yet I grabbed my phone on lunchbreak and there there...both auctions won...again messy hair, no description,,.

and what am I finding in the box... one doll with pink TRIANGLE earrings and other with out of this world peachy orange PALM tree earrings...

 So just like that I got my hands not only on three Disney doll dresses/pyjamas more likely but also on one and only Totally Tangled Hair Barbie 1992 and Glitter Hair Barbie 1994.

What a fun ride and a history lesson... Totaly Hair (which I do not remember from shops somewhat) line consisted of blond Barbie B, Brunette Barbie, Whitney/Steffi doll, Christie (stay still me heart) and Ken... oh and two Skippers LOL here is what internet has to say

 oh dear...
and here is my girl (Made in China) with rather crispy hair before a proper spa and :

Then, the Palm Earrings Glitter Hair Barbie of mine... mint green make-up, peachy orange lips - what a treat! She is part of a colorful group as well - three Superstars: Blonde, Ginger and Brunette... oh dear, and Christie too...
 like yeah, I am sure getting a new doll with amazing hair and cover it with glitter, what?

And here she is in her Disney apparel...

so unusual /yet I have a bit hard time not-hating their fringes;-)

The third doll is unidentified so far, but somewhere in 1994 and denim/disney spectrum with her red lips and simple eye make-up.

Her hair are absolutely fabulous, heavy, soft and super shiny!
Very powerful face in amazing dress - probably handmade but partially lined and fabric seems to be 60 vintage brocade...

I freed her from her gown and let her join the jolly Disnay club before i'll decide what to do with the all to make them mine:-)

p.s. she is quite obviously a Bay Watch Barbie 1994... 

and a quick, mini group session, enjoy!

<3  <3  <3


  1. Piękne panny, szczególnie brązowowłosa Superstarka <3 I ogromnie podobają mi się ich bluzeczki z myszką Minnie, razem tworzą kolorowy, wesoły koncept ;D

  2. oczka niebieskozielone cudne!

  3. dzieki! uwielbiam i z trudem sie hamuje...