Monday, April 4, 2016

RePaint 2

I have to find picture in my 'archive' but at some point my desk of 'ethnic' dolls 'not-really-a-collector' looked like I really have a soft spot for redheads :-P
It was time when Erika and Corduroy Mackie were waiting in queue to dressmaker...
As my hunger for having a try of re-paint only grew after the first Bratz I have been lucky enough to find another doll. There were 2 identical ones in the box that day - both shoeless but one with better hair...
hair so beautiful I keep regretting she was born into the bRatz family;-)

there you go BEFORE:

good colors but those lips are unberable...

amazing hair:
no really puc of the proces as I worked quick and overnight;-)
I kept original eyebrows at the begining but she looked too bRatz with them

...and AFTER:

nothing terribly original but definitelly lots of fun!


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