Saturday, April 9, 2016

Ginger fever order of appeariance of my desk... part of Ginger Wave or rather Fever:-)
I presented her not so long time ago... the wonky eye and shaved forhead Pea Princes doll...
Thought about rerooting her missing hair and to give her some colurful, maybe lavender hair steak 
but its not a style that I am going fore. Fortunately came up with something better and quicker.
Yet another doll I didn't care too much for at the beginning has conquered my heart:-)
Mathing the new hairdo is my retro-styled hand-made in my teenage years ink blue cotton dress and more recent purple hubby sweater jacket.
Very happy with the final result. chronologicaly, she is my first doll wih this 
'belly button & elbow' type of body as well.

 What a change! Love her pensive face.


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