Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My Dols, No 22

...back on track...
a propper brunette today, yet very caucasian;-)
oh ok, maybe very slightly Asian ro sth;-)

She came to mein the famous ebay-survivors box. Except of hair colour I wasn't too enthusiastic...
Dark hair yet with purple steaks (not that it made her easy to identify at all), stiff, hollow legs, and one arm bended in elbow kind of doll. Looking and feeling very cheap - quite new and supermarket one for sure!
Excess of very purple-pink and glitter make-up and slightly vulgar, massive amounts of lipstic.
Also my first case of GREASY HAIR! ;-) - that was months ago and pages of doll bloggs ago - thsi defect made her a free extra in mt delivery tho...

 miss Grease 2016 Superstar
  miss Fake Plastic Smile 2016;-)

 My 'brunette, purple steaks' and 'purple glitter make-up' identification fails (chaotic as this entry) :

She had very plastic, very purple and very turquoise necklace from her original outfit but still I wasn't able to identify her - not that i really care.

 like blaaaah... supermarket fashion whatever 2000 something me thinks

I just have a kind heart and she stood on my desk long enough...and you know - when she is wearing the right colors she can be rather pretty:-P = chellange accepted.

Anyway - to make the long story short - after browsing pages and pages of not so pretty Raquelles, Kalyes, highschool musicals and brunettes of all sorts - she turned out to be a version of TERESA!?
This made me love the classic vintage, square-faced Barbie's friend so much more!!! I never liked Superstar but it is really annoying - you can't change a face keeping the name...its worse than a rock band with a different vocalist or something, LOL

I have quite a library of pictures now and FACES OF TERESA blog post is much needed - especially that I have few completemy different ladies in a queue.

Just look at it - how annoying:

apparently those are Beach Party Teresas 2008 - 2012, seriously?


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