Friday, April 15, 2016

My Dolls, No 23

Similar story.
Nice straight, dark hair. Fair skin, identified mold, very nice minimal antural make-up yet such a uniteligent look on her face  ;-)
My first doll on belly button and ass-cheeks body... aparently known as a 'Hobbit body' as it is disproportional in relation to bigger head - fashion doll wise i mean...

Thought it might be some balerina or Highschool Musikal whoever... wait Vanessa udgens apparently...

High head, toothy smile, not very bright look on her face, but not reallt convincing...

She took me to the bottoms of the Internetz and back only, to my disbelieve,  be yet another incarnation of Teresa doll...  how annoying!!!
Kattis Dolls blog is my identification encyclopedia aka bible - no reason not to believe her on this one...

This is one of Teresa faces
Internet gave me more 'iconographic prooves', I believe in oryginal outfit - red despite teh neutral make-up:

Chic Teresa 2006 OR 2007

She needs some good outfit from me in order to be liked;-)
there you go...

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