Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My doll nr 37

pastels, pastels AND gitter!
it can go very wrong but can be used very well especially when put in outworldy, frosty, Aurora Borealis context... (Yes, in the middle of holidays is the date to talk about this doll;-)
I really got inspired by all those ethereal repaints and makeovers...and this one is very special - once you open your mind and forget about other aesthetics...

My new blue friend is truely remarcable - shiMmer on her pale blue skin is amazing...usage of pink, purple an dblue in her hair is harmonius and really make syou think about northern lights, the upper part of her hair is icy white with unconventional foil/fibers with spooky moonlight glow to it...
...but most importantly I adore her mean, woolf grin and wild yet handsome and sweet chin...

meet Abbey Bominable: 
(these Monsters ar echildren of XXI century - they love filters...such a pleasure to work with her)

 and more filters and spam:-)

and traditional promo pic for reference

1 comment:

  1. Abby polubiłam całkiem niedawno
    i teraz cieszę się kuzyneczką tej
    oraz ciemnowłosym klonikiem MH :)