Saturday, February 11, 2017

My doll nr 74

What a great doll to celebrate a full year of absolute doll fever!
Almost exactely year ago I went for winter break  to Finland and Sweden to comme back with an official doll's collector birthday gift - a bag of second-hand corpses... blue haired Teresa was there, purple haired marmeid was there...

This doll came from Stockholm's charity as well and was purchased by my partner for leaving me alone with kids again!
He was briefly instructed about molds and bodytypes - in short the darker the better and every joint counts.

He came back with a lovely Christie wearing dated, yet festive Fashion Avenue dress and shoes!

To my surprise one glimps was enough to identify my new roomate - she has mustard yellow nailpolish! This way unintentionally I managed to collect full line of these dolls! She has very natural looking hair with tiny braids (and no bangs) so the first edition, yay!

Here she is in a quick late night session with rest of my Asha Christies /so far :-)

She has most fab make-up, deep, dark and burgundy-copper. Original clothes are as good as other dolls' from this collection with extra points for my-favouruite-colour;-)
 Its gonna be lots of fun recreating them...


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