Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wardrobe upgrade

I remember from the early 2000s standing in front of toy shop window and thinking "wow, if only.../I was stll playing with dolls/" - that was obviously inbetween phases...

...but on 28.06.16 I possibly got some of these nice quality, good clours and tasteful fashions 'I'd wear myself'... by accident as I usually do I stumbbled upon an auction of a nice batch on myScene clotehs - no nnsense dresses, mainly casual tops and jeans... somehow I managed to win them for 0,99!

Royal Mail has little bit of mechanical issues with the  packeging but thanks to inner extra bag everything arrived safe and sound/watch and learn, watch and learn/

Some of them you have seen in previously published photo sessions due to serious time loop happening on my blog but anyway - here they are from up close, and flat... just look at these fab colours and nice natural looking details!


oh, i think i need to restye some dolls;-)



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