Thursday, May 5, 2016

Erica restyled

Enough of this Teresas' mess - i need to process it.
Remeber that poor thing traped in a nylon princess gown?

Before I'll continue my trippy trips with my mighty brunettes with toothmarks I'll show you very simple and quick makeover I gave to Erika (there is a long queue darling so mooove...)

First I had to shut her up...
my first succesfull transplant that is. 
Heating with hairdryer doesn't work - boing water does wonders!

It was actually enough to put her hair back

and make her some tasteful real-life copper and green glass earrings

Clothes in earthy tones of rusty orange and olive green goes very well with her skin- and hair-tone and makes wonderful canvas for her blue eyes - now they seem to make sense:-)
(this wooly thing is not making much sense but at least it is not pastel and took 5 mins...)

Then I started to play with my backgrounds and poses as the body she got has /sooooper loooose/
 but fully articulated knees...


*** *** ***

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