Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Doll No 27

What a great number for one of the livliest girls in my, ekhem, collection...
Yet another tanned brunette and a serious eye opener.
Cause how could I live not knowing that there is other 'Oriental' and sooo ethnic sculpt than the vintage Kira/ Miko or the modern (japanese-pale) fashionista... oh wait, half of them is looking completely Pacific & Oceania to me, other half like Latinas..or maybe they are all Middleeasterns LOL 
or maybe only Mediterraneans;-) - she is so universa, see?

Anyway - thanks to this beauty I have reached bottom of internetz yet again and came to the surface with a great affection for a new-found, perfectely ethnically fluid Lea/Kayla <3

She is obviously perfect and it seems many (collectors) share my opinion and feelings... 
Cinamone skin tone, shiny, straight two toned dark dark brown hair, amazing fashionable, modern fringe, closed lips with lovely smile and deer-like eyes...

I can't believe I have been so fair and kept her closed in box all those MONTHS! Only for not to look at her all the time and to give chance to other friends - which i did in a chronological order on this blog!

Only recently I got more than a name - got her head in a spares lot - she still had blue thread on her head...
her outfit is sooo dissapointing and absolutely not reflecting her beauty... Sporty blue and white screams Fashion Fever like nothing else, seriously? (2005/2006)

cool shoes tho...

Its gonna be such a pleasure to restyle and shoot her!

***   **  *** 

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