Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My Dolls No 24=25 more about Teresas but not the ones you think about again;-)
and yes, 25 dolls is a high number so I stopped to lie to myself about dolls collecting/bringing home;-)

I was procrastinating hard with this entry as i am still confused about at least 4 faced Teresa...
I even have separate 'brunettes' folder withing 'Teresas' folder and one more just called 'research' because seriously... its serious and time cosuming;-)

I got two of them in one shipping - one without bracelet and with worse hair /not anymore ofc./ Accessories always help identifying surviwor dolls... 
Not in this case ofc LOL
To make sthe long story short - here are my lovely brunette twins as ebay made them:

 very simple, a bit timid
 it always surprises me how identical dolls change depending on light and angle...
 lovey, good quality, two colored chocolate soft hair on these two...

and a close-up of this nice gray-brown, NATURAL make-up (just before the glitter era;-))
so... I identify these dolls as New Teresa mold 2008...Smiling/ Open lips Teresa... 
and Chic Teresa 2008 (and 2007) according to Kattis dolls for example /different lips - i know/...

this headmold was at somepoint used on Barbies as well i suppose - also in cheap, supermarket stiffies it seems which is not verifying or falsifying any of my theory because there is none in this research :-P

as they are already nicely restyled in new handmade clothes!

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