Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Asha revisited

My turning-point black barbie from March year ago...
Revisited but also restyled - i just don't have props for propper posed session (not that she is posable tbh in co,parsion to what i had in my hands recently...). Not to mention - her dress is really crying for ironing;-)

She is still unidentified despite quite characteristic earrings, but now i think she must be from end of 90/early 2000 with these small and naturaly looking eyes. (Love that her hair are brown not black).

I kept the underwear she came in as it has nice lace bodice. She is wearing floral vintage corduroy (same as Corduroy Mackie few posts ago) and ancient, pre war, painted silk ball skirt.

Last night, when i was sorting my accessories before putting some on ebay she got elegant gold eyewear...
(it was near midnight obviously - please excuse artificial light)

Then i started to experiment with some handmade neckaces and she got one:-)

 still need to figure out some good mini fastener...


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