Monday, October 31, 2016

Christie Marmaid-Fairy plainair

At last. The day has come. Not only I had an idea and courage to take my doll outside, away from safety and shelter of my walled garden aka backyard - I actually REMEMBERED to do that in all this kids chaos.

That afternoon we went to enjoy path through the broads of University of East Anglia campus:-)

[and yes due to my constant doll flow and chronological order of appearance I have made this session in July and/but have numerous posts scheduled for 4 coming months! One post every 3-4 days... one day I will have space and time for a spontaneous boot-sales updates, charity shop updates and up to date ebay posts...more appropriat eto the season stuff]

One of the paths goes all the way around the lake and other along the wild river and meadows, up to horses stables and allotments... Lovely country and holiday feeling. I just love big huge campuses:-)

and now for photo SPAM - the ex-mermaid, purple haired Christie doll can no enjoy her legs - dip it in mud, water and such... unintentionally she got styled as a meadow fairy in her flowery skirt and papery wreath:-)

very exciting and satisfying experience overall. Thanks for watching!

obligatory ivy and fern...

 more and more flower fairy ;-)

 tangled on a request of my boys...

 morning glory fashion <3

'run, run its a human child!'

 pensive and romantico...

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