Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Horror in the House of dolls

to day I will go for something stlightly different.
I wante dto share few pictures of my kids playing with (sort of mine) dolls and ponies.

I've been wondering whats your attitude regarding your collection...
We all know kids are the greatest enemies when it goes about chewing, hair cutting and marker spotting;-)

...but I can't imagine hiding my dolls from my kids and not allowing my daughter to touch them...
I don't have any display so all she wants to do is taking them out from a box, parade with a chosen one around the house, sometimes to change her clothes. I have to help her anyway and sh eis choosing the biggest and least matching dresses...

She has her mermaid, purple haired Moxie, some accidental 20 p Barbie from a boot sale long ago...and she mainly baths them or sit on the table while she eats her soup LOL
Also she always goes for a White / Light one...an dI don't care much abut platinum anyway.

Here is documentation of  my 2,5 and 5,5 old Dollzillas...

 spa in a bidet...
super service
 hygiene /or not so much/
 here some Pony actions involving my son

 tottaly magikal potion..

and intense brushing (of Wee friends Janet and fashionista Ken:-)

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  1. jaka śliczna LALECZKA bawi się laleczką :)))
    dzieciaczki zawsze przyćmią lalki - choć ta
    z pierwszej fotki na schodach - zaintrygowała
    mnie wielce - kimże jest damulka w białej sukni?!

  2. ksiezniczka na ziarnku grochu:-)
    gdzies opisywalam wczesniej.
    strawberry blond rzadzi;-)