Friday, October 7, 2016

My dolls - nr 48

On the same day as my moldy Sindy'es I managed to stumble upon at my second vintage Christie and a first one bought second-hand from a table top. She is possibly my first ever with the bend elbows - poor me;-)

The lady who was selling her (£1,50) sat in a van and was dressing dolls - quite randomly. Mine had irritating and not genuine lace, puffy wedding strapless - i wanted to give it back to her but she wouldn't come down from the price...
(it is worth mentioning that to this day i remember not buying from her Mulan, Mackie with bob in pilot clothes and from others the pink-haired Hawaii barbie and one broken Teresa.....ughhhh - never again can go very very wrong in the following months)

Doll has messy hair, scratched arms (rather visible on 'ethnic' dolls) and loose joints but who cares!!!!

After I came home I easily identified her on Kattis dolls page - quite a characteristic make-up so no wonder;-)

Jewel Hair Mermaid Christie from 1996

Her hair were chopped a bit but still are super long. No clothes or accessories doesn't really bother me - shiny plastic stuff is not my thing anyway;-) I was lucky to buy a clothes stash in charity shop including the tail but - no thank you...

so kind with her Barbie smile and happy with her colorful makeup

She has of course a lovely group of friends - Barbie, Midge and Barbie...

so bad, so good ;-)

now she is happily retired and enjoying company of quite HAIRtastic friend...



  1. wspaniałe ostatnie zdjęcie z Kirą -
    jak ostatnie mgnienie ze snu, gdy
    już wracamy do rzeczywistości...

  2. :-) jest cala sesja - musi sie ulezec:-P / odstac sswoje w kolejce