Thursday, October 13, 2016

Another milestone aHEAD

yes...after you have your toes in rebodying waters...another thing is - buying somebody elses set of heads really cheap... especially is there are some brunettes AND you missed the auction like that before;-)

In my set was Christie with green eyes (and terrible hair) - my latest obsession /at the time)
Few Mackies who i learnt to like and get excited about after reading too many blogs;-)
There was Lea as well which I already had but thought is lovely;-)
some ginger ones, some ash-blonde, some with red lips;-)
oh, who needs to justify anything anyway...

 Christie is georgeus
 I couldn't wait to to something with her hair...

and this alabaster skinned one need saving too...

oh they gonna be a lot of work but I love it:-)...


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