Saturday, October 1, 2016

Charity shop finds 2

Just a quick and short not about my first Moxie girl (something tells me she will go to my daughter in the end)... missed few of those on  bootsales and some on eBay... tottaly not convinced with a body type and proportions but overall idea of a young teenager / school girl is very appealing. They seem to be very well made and their clothes are rarely pink and sweet  rather authentic, cool and modern...
also sort of local and british:-)
I think I;d like these if growing up here...

They come as brunette (Lexa), tanned one (Sophina), platinum blonde (Avery) and auburn (Monet)
[as I google there is dark skinned Bria and ginger Kellan].

Got my Sophina from a charity shop basket - face down, dark curly hair mess...
She did her time in a box too..there was always Barbie more important than her or Monster to repaint.



after <3:

and last two in a simple handmade dress:

it seems she managed to keep her original pajamas bottoms
JAMMAZ Sophina when new:

let me now 'elaborate' on how good their outfits are /SPAM/: happy and lucky to have a toddler girl at home, LOL


  1. swego czasu miałam kilka moxianek -
    zostawiłam sobie 2 ciemnowłose :D

  2. cudne ale sztywniary... mam kilka szatynek bo mi zal..trzymam w pudle bo beba moja za mloda i stopy z bratem ukreca;-)