Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Doll No 21

Hello again.

Tonite few wordsand first photos of yet another survivor and extra from my ebay batch. She started a little avalange of gingers renegotiating frames of my "not-a-collection";-)

BTW! This chronological order is killing me btw...I have had 4 amazing finds at boot sale two weekends ago, then I had liek 3 accidental /believe me!/ wins on ebay and a lucky charity shop find (but its platinum + pink and i'm still strong enough to put her on ebay after some pleasant refreshing spa work).

She had very damaged and tangled hair - there is a serious loss... chewed hands and legs...
Yet again, first I really got intrigued investigating molds and trying to track her down and she has spent so much time on my desk I got really attatched...

 Those small turquoise studs with strawberry hair and such a natural make-up is amazing...

 Oh the sweet moments when your head explodes from all those Midges, Mackies and Steffies fo the world... /but you forget that Twist'n'Turn is an important indication:-P/

Anyway in the end I identified her as doll from 1999 Corduroy Cool series 
and her face mold is obviously Mackie.
Colours are great, lovely late 90's mix of clothes yet stil very 'childish' and 'dollish' but slightly more fashionable and tastefull /I vividly remember wearing strips and courduroy myself!/

she used to have a deep plum purple tights...
...and a lovely friends with auburn/chesnut hair/!/ and greenn /!/ outfit...

I'd love to save one liek this sooo ver much

**** ** ****

 as extras I will display my struggle with this "Mackie Ginger / Strawberry Blond" 
Google pain and pleasure:-)

so many nude dolls, so little time
...and even more (((here))

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