Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mbili and Matilda

...and now for something completely different...
some of my doll dressmaking experiments - experiments not because they are innovative but because I have no time to think about them - I just make them designing as doll and fabric tells me;-) - ou can call it spontanious and creative LOL but its just a mess and kids knocking to the door;-)

here is Mbili (Princess of South Africa 2002) wearing embroidered top and raw silk skirt:

definitely one of the best faces in my (not-so-published) 'collection'!

Here she is wearing a gift for 5yo 
- a hand-made stripped dress with tulle skirt and sequined application:

so even if non-blondes and Queens of Color are your thing it's still all about sequins and tulle:-P

more details:
and yes, Peacock is my fav color range so brace yourselves:-°


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