Friday, January 6, 2017

Benetton Barbie - reinterpretation

Today a little story about how I discovered yet another dimension of doll collecting - re-creating their original clothes...or reinterpreting in quite a post-modern manner...

I love the idea of 80's Benetton dolls but got a little bit disenchanted when holding bold sapphire but empty eyed Barbie from bootsale. I though she can oly make sense in her original context and esthetics - slightly kitchy and over the top but unusually 'covered' and in basic colours...

I started with choice of materials in the appropriate colour palette..

floral jersey for legings, yellow-mustard sweater for top, red pullover for jacket and a trim...
(blurry picture from overexcitement possibly)
then i have completed cosy dress with a turtle neck, ethno belt and felt hand-sewn hat:-)
 super proud of this one as i did it in a first take
than leg warmers...
old new doll is taking shape;-)
/oh the vintage bubbage../

It took me some time to finally sit and make a jacket - i used pre-loved hubby's sweater and simulated the trim with two shades of blue wool stitched with colorful threads:-)
Very satisfied with this very pleasant process!

Official New Old Benetton Barbie 2016:
 long sleeve masking deformed palm;-)
 and my fav of them all - promo pic:-)

it's been so much fun that i have thoughts of using one of my (too many) Christies as a Benetton friend at some point in future...

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