Saturday, January 21, 2017

My dolls - no 67

A classic case - when you are not supposed to buy any more dolls but they just lay at your feet on eBay... my favorite kind of listing - unidentified, poorly tagged and photographed doll with flaws...

I wasn't pretty sure what I am buying beside the fact that body looked original and i loved the colouring of make-up and hair...and i have learned just to swallow the ugly clothes and unwanted accessories and extras, right?

This is how she looked on eBay - random animals out of proportion and a knee joint problems..

somewhere between Teresa - Rachel wanna be;-)

When she arrived I dived into unknown territory and yet again - there is no coming back:-)

a magikal world of Fashion Fever Teresas...wonderful classic mold in contemporary meterials and urban styling, ohh....

 what a view!
lovely neutral make-up and great clothes but mine is not among them...
2004 was definitely an amazing year...

fashions are killers and blonde T is always a treat...

Mines original clothes are definitely ones i'd wear on daily basis... I actually have such a vintage velvet burgundy jacket.
what a pity she managed to loose them all;-)


...This gives me idea in what to dress her...just need to fabricate a t-shirt fast...before restyling her on my own later on..

p.s. the white monster cat turned out to be a vintage official barbie Persian cat sold separately and i possibly sold them for more that payed for the doll;)

seems like an another parallel universe;-)


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