Friday, January 27, 2017

My doll - no 70 - 72

Dolls travel in groups and appear suddenly in was not different this time...
Same week, day, hour when I was digesting spending a lot of money on classic Superstars which I don't collect one of my /non-existing/ wish-list doll suddenly emerged...

Badly photographed in random company but definitely her - Hollywood Nails Teresa in the best burgundy-cherry tones with elements of original clothing...oh what could I do...

Oh I can handle it, I will sell all the rest, who cares, she said... ekhmmm

two exciting boxes - one with FF Teresa from previous posts

the 'extras'...California Barbie despite being platinum blonde is so characteristic that I took her with me to Croatia /'before i'll sell her'/and yes, she photographs very well (no 70 she is then)...the contemporary one is going but I kept sooo very vintage outfit for the sake of some crazy dated session, you know;-)

 Then exactly the same Nichelle I somehow sold with ease but kept cool dress, and then Teenage Skipper (No 71 - photo session coming later than sooner) amazing amazing condition BUT not only that i don't have this mold, you know, she practically is strawberry blonde nearly ginger also - she turned out to be from Rio de Janeiro line from which I already have Teresa doll (if that makes any sense LOL)

Al that doesn't mean anything at all because here she is (No 72):

Perfect nailpolish (and a name tag on her wrist, interesting)
exciting combination of colours, cool starry seethrough - I wish i had this mini vest... 
and her hair are raven black!

Fourth wardrobe piece I missed and a cool cool body
...lipstick colour reminds me one my mother used to wear rain or shine:-) Doll's hair are actually cherry red/burgundy on the front and bangs are super short:-)

She even looks cool straight from bubble wrap...a bit intimidated and no idea how to restyle her just yet as keeping her as Mattel created her is not very much my style;-)


p.s. on the exact same rainy day I picked up yet my second Clawdeen - amazing shiny purple streaks and 75p only... oh dear.../possibly nr 73 but I will wait with that as Monsters are unofficial and illegal LOL).

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