Thursday, January 12, 2017

My dolls 60 - 62

This entry is dedicated to the identification process of my boot sale trophies... I just need to re-calibrate my count as I was strong enough to resale some of them:-)

My doll nr 60:
The title goes to one of the modern classics and luckily the one like really really in line with my collection;-)

Lovely mixed race doll with nutty auburn hair in very realistic amounts /bigger head and strong features as well). This is obviously 'Artsy' (Adria face) from the first wave of Fashionistas!

That's and extremely good styling. Fab shoes and great colours harmony.

Hree are fev more versions of Derisee (still my onle one so far in late October when i'm writing this)

with her came Teen Beach Movie Mackenzie - which I am trying to sell despite totally fab hairstyle which appeared after i gave her wash in textile softener!!!

 rather nice original retro rock'n roll styling:-)
/can i use these for reroot somehow??/

The tanned lady with platinum hair wearing Mattel's coat turned out to be Sun Jewel Barbie 1993 - too orange, pink and turquoise so I let her go, and coat as well...

I would die for her 30 years ago but now I'd rather be with her friends...The coat was fab, i tried to take a pattern from it as it is really modeled by my charity shop Crystal B.

Her friend turned out to be me doll No 61! It took me some time to process why I am attracted to this rather failure of a make-up and palette... She is simply my first Barbie ever.. the one i was praying to Santa on my knees, cried in toilet and my aunt couldn't take it anymore and magically passed it to me earlier... I love how innocent and neutral she is in comparison to the dolls of her era... her honey blonde hair are just fab /no comments about the styling/ - still have the original bra tho. The one pictured suits her very well and lead my thoughts in the right direction...

Fun to Dress Barbie 1987!

 oh the pink box with Her name reproduced soo many times <3 I can't even express how happy I am with this accidental reunion. So many pictures and feelings. Its amazing what brain keeps in darkness. I have been staring at this face in awe for hours, after all...

as if this post wasn't massive enough - i'll move to the last two:
the turquoise-bottom clicking one with wind-up waist... I kept her body, sold her head, cargo pants are the best thing ever!

sh equite obviously is a sporty one and following the colour I tracked her as 
1997 Olimpic USA IceSkater Barbie, or something in this sense...
here she is in her glory days (and accessories to die for...when you are 10):

...and now to my leap of luck (whatever, you know what I mean) - the last doll of the day... My eye and instinct worked just fine despite the unfortunate /and disgraceful/ styling /genuine pants - sold/.
classic 80's crazy eye, unusuall orange-red lips and too much orangy blush...
My doll No 62:
The one and only Peaches and Cream Barbie 1985
- one more childhood burning desire satisfied! /check!/

boxed and AA edition!

repro and some later wannabe ;-)

guess me being fed up was just a typical stage - a transition sort of as, I am only beginning my collecting it seems...


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  1. całkiem niedawno przekonałam się
    do Nikki - a w wersji dyskretnego
    makijażu - powala subtelnością!!!

  2. Prawda?
    ...duze glowy sa w zasadzie dosc realistyczne...
    ciekawe jak by wygladala przesadzona na grubinke??