Tuesday, January 3, 2017

My dolls - nr 59

When you are don know that there is a doll waiting for you in your local charity shop.
I was maybe upset with my doll collecting, after overdosing with 16", from late May till early Jone...

I had to comeback home for a £1 coin as I left barehanded (probably to stroll my toddler to sleep) - lady kept her for me with a kind smile - I must have had a crazy spark in my eyes...

I just love classics and this one was in a great condition - such a kind, glowing face...
No clothes but earrings (which are over the top but one of a kind so I sold them:-)LOL)

I never held late Superstar doll in my hands before (in a way) - love the minimal make-up and sun kissed super long hair...such a kind positive face.

Pearl Beach Barbie 1997

While refreshing I decided to accentuate separation in hair and hide the massive fringe as it feels too dolly and dated for me...

when she arrived:

and wet after fast mini spa (I couldn't resist)

She obviously came with friends - Kira and Teresa lovely as usual...

I have this thing going on about autumnal/winter styling for commercial beach dolls, because...'just don't tell me how to play with my dolls' kind of thing;)

Here is my Barbie in a metallic down jacket, red accents, casual stripes and some blonde friendly washed jeans with golden chains (o_0) ;-)

I'm really happy with the colour harmonies..

AND accidentally I even have a post-christmassy theme going on here - she is taking off the Christmas decoration /fair lights and other garlands from her shed... obviously...
(bought in Spring, shoot in Autumn, published in Winter kind of thing...)

Thanks all and happy New Year 2017!!!!

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  1. kolorystyka ubrania świetnie
    poprzez kontrast z "owocami"

  2. dzieki:-)
    ja lubie tez akcenty kolorystyczne z kredy na szopie:-)