Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Bottom of the internetZ

We all have those afternoons filled with procrastination, these nights filled with surfing internet instead of plains of our bedsheets... its only worse if you are doll collector addicted to ebay, blogs and like MORE doll pictures;-)

On rampages like that I quite often seem to get to bottom of the internetz... some auction's pictures are so bad they are perfect, so accidental that they almost tell the story - I copy them and keep in WTF folder... time to share few of these:

this one looks familiar (no pun intended)

 peaches and cream going wrong

bunch of wasted stylish dudes...
 a lot of nude blondes in order - always creepy

 exciting and unexpected mix

yes! toy story

it was a good party

circle of friends or all stars?

georgeous dolls but this pony and abandined purse?

lost in space and time

highs and lows... how this Teresa ends up with translucent clones???

  this is a great movie I believe...


1 comment:

  1. fotki rozpalają wyobraźnię!
    ach, mieć dwie niunie z 2
    pierwszych fot - opiekunkę
    i pieśniarkę...