Monday, June 20, 2016

My Dolls, nr 30

I thought why not...IRL I am having a bit of Fleur/Sindy moments - i'll make my mini collecton anniversary (nr 30) doll a non-Mattel one then:-)

Please meet my only Fleur doll in the collection so far / somehow!
she is not my orignal childchood dool but I got/rescued her from one of my junior school besties /in early teens/ as she had lots of everythung and/but/because of daddy in US... 

here she is in my very-vintage-Other-dolls 
wearing night gown /handmade by my aunt from her own petite coat in front of my very own eyes/ for time of her doll retirement...

By the time i got her i was told by other set of friends that one can make eyelashes from an old photo film - wchich i did immidiatelly. Doll had silly hairline so I have made my first OOAK without knowing that - using her own her, mostely, but I am not 100% sure... its hand-sown and secured with sewing pins, ouch!

I asked my Dutch friends how Feur market is looking...its busy and well saturated...I would take a dip if I wasn't so overstimulated locally, so to speak...

I would imagine she looked something like that when new (which is highly probable as 'i know her from somewhere' feeling kcks in):

at last but not least my latest discovery I am not alowed to give too much thought tho;-)
Liv doll wigs fit perfectly vintage Fleur and Sindy dolls... lover it!


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