Thursday, June 23, 2016

My doll No 31

The day has come - I have reached the bottom of my famous ebay box of brunettes...
Here she is one of teh bestest in my collection up to this day...
Really dark skin, natural afro hair /well done Mattel!/, red lips!, brown eyes! and very neutral make-up. It was the first time ever when I held this kind of 'puppet' Barbie body...

 basically twist'n'turn but with bending elbows and fun hair
(sorry for an untreated mark on a cheek)

At the time it was somehow difficult for me to identify her despite the hair...i was too confused with Christie, Asha, Nichelle, Nikki thing vs. Black Barbie to type he right keywords...

They are so beautifuly different - it's confusing:-)

Mine had kind of blue glasses, more like snow goggles but it is obvously not about ski Barbie... I'm still not sure if they are protecting her in the lab or when she is making grafitti???

 This is how she looked in her box:

...some cool accessories, down vest, backpack and fancy silver mini dress for after work:-)

Here she is enjoying her new life, her new roro-made blouse and her new found sister!!!

What a joy - different color scheme, different ind of hair n the same face mold <3


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