Sunday, June 5, 2016

My Doll No 29

Time for one of my favs...who, again, waited for months to be refreshed and 'published'.
Another Kayle/Lea mold. She came in Famous Ebay Box with my doll No27 creating tis lovely duet of similarities and differences.

Skin tone is similar yet make-up and eyes take the doll into completely different direction. Long straight hair, stylish short fringe, relicts of earrings, no necklace - difinitelly more 'Asian' look§ So happy and proud to finally be able to go that way:-)

 amazing bone structure and basically no colorful make up - wonderful!
oh whats not to love!

and then you start to compare = double adoration:

and get confused again but tottaly in love with Kayla /Lea only to realise you are not the only on, dear internet...and then eureka!

Lenara - the first second-hand doll I got myslef as a adult and gradueeis of the same breed;-)

good heavens!

p.s. this is how 'my doll' if I may call her thet looked like in a box: yet another tanned i'd probably ignore with her original accessories...

Cali Girl 2003 Lea


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