Friday, August 12, 2016

Sindy-ies revisited

I had few encounters with vintage Sindies (in a mean/real time)...and as my box (yes; still no proper doll cabinet) filled with more tanned brunettes my poor 90s MonteCarlo and Paradise Sindy got really trapped..
I decided to give them some decent clothes in contrast to rather poor nighties and sleeping gowns i stored them in..

Very happy Spring/Summer cocktail floral colours of peaches and forget-me-nots:-) They are blossoming.. I ove them some nice outdoor session...they are my first brunette sisters after all...<3

 they are so tiny compared to t'n't body...

dresses are my vintage handmade ones from 90s hence poor finish:)
can't remember why I had to use my old camera, but its not grainy on purpose, so to speak...

1 comment:

  1. mam sentyment do hasbrowych sinduś -
    aby mieć fabryczną siostrę tejże -
    oddałam lekką ręką fashionistas 2015 :)