Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My doll nr 38.

I have sentiment for colorful hair in life and in the doll department obviously as well... 
so when I have found this one on pile of dolls I had no doubts (despite of her price being the same as fashionista's with gown and shoes :-S)
She has a very intriquing icy hair colour, natural eye design and deep fuchsia/plum lips... this is only my second Teresa doll and i'm a good child of the 90s;-)

 oh I am an optimist...
poor dolly still has her hairstyle from the box with a old rubber - never brushed even once in her life!
...and this childish, vintage looking dress
 She was obviously quite easy to identify 'Teresa Brabie doll with blue hair' or someting... and thats when i found out that at last i have something by Mattel that changes colour LOL - Salon Surprise 2001
and again - really happy i don't have to deal witth the original outfit;-)

 and now the photo spam begins - she is my first really challenging and successful doll restoration...

 soaking, boiling hot water, sampooing, conditioner, frenetic brushing... et vola!

and from the back:-)
and up close... amazing dynamic between blues and purples going on here...

and now for something completely different - Teresa's hair is changing colour indeed into lovely hazel dark blonde...despite her young age trick works only for rather short time. I don't need to use ant freezing gadget - she gets blue in room temperature, which is a bit of a pitty as her pyurple lips look so good with blond hair:


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