Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My doll nr 40

Small blog anniversary again - my 40th doll!

I have someone very special and dear to me for today.
So happy to have her, so glad I have this little big hobby and that i am a collector in a closet no more;-)

She is one of the last from my Stockholm lot / loot. At that time I was still like ..= meeeh 'I have doll with this mold', 'meeeh glittery mermaid - who cares'...but at the back of my mind someone was chanting 'super long purple hair!' and 'you can always rebody her! People do it all the time';-)

I'm so happy I saw beyong these candy pink lips, sparkly rubber and peeling marmaid tail (quite natural looking tho and nicely articulated) and a chewed hand! She is more like 'mixed race' than black but I am not picky you know (purple hair!).

After blue-haired Teresa she is my best restoration so far... just look at this poor thing (wicker basket again, sorry):

 'you can still see the climped bits' - looking at these old pics I must say I am an optimist and an addict...

here she is in her element, sort of and with wet hair waiting to dry naturally...

the next day - trimming the 'splitted ends'...and with a minimal hair loss (ball pictured) - tadaaaa:

not bad at all - here in comparison with Hairtastic Barbie which I got new in a box. 
I couldn't resist as you can guess:

here a little study of glittery part (easy to ignore on this one tho)
so dreamy and... ooppsieee
so happy these vintage dresses lived long enough to do this;-)

lasty - here she is in a box and with hair not less colourful friends (Lea, I know...):


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  1. lubię fiolety, róże, niebieskości na głowie -
    z 3 syrenek - najchętniej zagarnęłabym Christie
    oraz K/L z włosami barwy niedojrzałej marchwi :)