Saturday, August 20, 2016

My doll nr 39

The third of my monster and second of pastel team: Rochelle Goyle.
A Gargoyle girl from the Granit City  - she is made of stone-like gray plastic with black, graphite bits. She has lovely a dragonesque ears too and tiny little hands with claws - characteristic to earlier character wavs...
The pink gray combo is very pleasing, cotton candy hair are fun (even if heavely glued*) and thoe big huge eyes - Shrek's cat if it was a dragon girl or sth...

I am lucky enough to have this rocky gray bathroom foor as well as stony backyard - perfect! The book she is reading is about granite Tatra mountains...
She is wearing a powder pink satin bow only - he doesn't need much more (and I don't feel like i have time in my hand to deal with other bodytypes...)

 lovely feet
 lovely ears

 a tiny pebble...
at last - here she is in her box, origina outfit + dragon pet and as a cartoon character:
 love the ittle socks also hay wait - mine has hair cut short looking so convincing, hmmm

lastly - some inspirations and inspiring frauds - 
beautiful repaints I will keep in back of my mind after I'l find time to remove the origina make-up at al...


*note to self to try the talc method

p.s. book close-ups:

**   ***   **


  1. Rochelka zawszeć cudna i wspaniała -
    w wersjach ooakowych ciekawa - ale
    ja Ją lubię w oryginalnym makijażu -
    choć 1ej pomalowałam na czarno oczęta
    i dałam do wymiany włosy na biało -
    2ą jednak zostawiłam, jak Mattel dał ♥

    1. wylowilam dzis kolejna z pudla z szajsem...z dlugimi wlosami...moge teraz dzialac....

  2. książeczka niezmiernie urocza -
    okładka w pierwszej chwili mnie
    zmyliła - ujrzałam UFO wśród gór
    miast kapelutka, ciupagi i nart ;P

  3. haha ufo i kije golfowe - rzeczywiscie:-)