Monday, February 1, 2016

First experiments

Things are happening now like a lot...
I experiment, I order, I shop and first of all browse the internet way too much.
I swear, I almost had Fashion Fever vision/s/ when picking up my son fro school this afternoon
 - so many beautiful mammas! ;-)

Anyway, as I had few spare platinum blondes from nude, pre-loved on-line doll shopping
 I decided to experiment a bit at last.
I only had tiny bit of time before school and nursery, nail varnish remover and a permanent point pen...

1. Victim number one - unidentified My Scene doll

Before - blue eyes, pastel lips with shimmer + platinum blonde

After: tadaaaam!!!! almost lovable doll with neutral make-up! 
All I did was removing the vulgar lipstick and add some brown color on her pupils...

 Then I dig out a classy dress from vintage fabric /like 70's, it used to be my sister's skirt/ I've made in late elementary school and, even more vintage, necklace from mix of crystals and beads which origin i remember so well /made by me in late 80s/...

It is very satisfying proceder!
Fast to do with an immidiate effect.
From slut to girl next door so to speak;-)
New life for abandoined dolls, new /after-life for ancient hand-made clothes 

*รน** *** ***

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