Saturday, February 13, 2016

My Dolls. No 18

Today i want to introduce one of my favourite kind of dolls - the charity shop survivors.
Pre-loved hard, heavely payed with little hands and dreastically restyled' with toy scissors ;-)

I never had, in my childchood, a propper Superstar face doll with gawn-ready bended elbows...
This done looked really sad and had unusually natural make-up...

Cost me 25 p I guess, and this is how she looks now...

I'm really happy she has found a safe home...
She is now waiting for quite a long time to be taken care off but at least she has quite a company:-)

Update: She is not as vintage as I thought but i managed to recognised her accidetaly on some Polish blog.
In her golden years she used to be a Vet - 'Pet Doctor Barbie' 1995


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