Monday, February 29, 2016

Swedish sin

In mid February we have visited Turku, Finland where my sister in law with children lives and Stockholm, Sweden where we used to live. I was just after my birthday /yay, Aquariuses!/ 
so I kind of announced that i'll shop hard - it's official.
Sweden about 6 years ago was where I first bought a second hand Barbie as an adult (beautiful Ginger Lenara /Lea/ from Fairytopia) so I had quite a good association...

What can I say...there was partner even joked that Swedes are so politically correct and gender neutrality aware that they gave awa all of their fashion dolls because helll yeah...

 can you see three huge boxes of dolls!!??? I'm very proud of myself I haven't buy too many 
and didn't loose my children in the process;-)

I have picked up each and every doll... tehre was everything...nudes were around 2 Euro and dressed ones of different shapes and epoques were bagged and piced for 6...
There was no African-american or Asian... I started to choose from brunettes and redheads...then I saw really vintage looking Superstars /i have a soft-spot akak post-communistic trauma regarding them;-)/...then some 80s ones with full dress and set which meant to be my investment /but I wasn't too sure and knew it won't be easy to say goodbye/, then million of Bratz of all kinds which i'd love to repaint and dress-down /all feet-less thanks god/, few vintage Sindies a tone of Simbas which I hate, fev unusual and japanese and Moxie Girlz /those eyes!/..even somefully articulated fashionistas with shoes /I have read way too many doll blogs and watched too many auctions/ but I stayed FOCUSED and didn't "invest"!

After exhausting ourselves and having a fight I was made to go to other shops on my own and buy what I want...there were shelves and shelves of everything but not 'Ethnic' dolls...
not that I did not manage to fill A4 bag with plastic and vinyl...
In the end I have no regreats as I have sined with nude Monsters ;-)


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