Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My Dolls No 14

...and at last time to share my ideal yet mysterious doll;
Again a great gift from my hubby - tottal surprise and accident too of course. I would never find her as I didn't know what to look for... one of those amazing times when you reach to the end of Internet /sort of/ and then something clicks in your head and doors open:-)

My fav for long time had lovely dark, mat skin, natural African hair, green eyes and red lips plus fully articulated body /the first I ever seen/... 
she was nothing like other Barbies, much smaller yet made by Mattel...

just look at her, here and there!

To make a long story short - I have emeiled a specialist, and it was in times when i still pretended I am not collecting anything;-)...
Lovely author behind The Black Doll Collecting website!

I have received a very precise answer in no time...
Her name is KIYONI
from multi-etnic, hip-hop, street-style doll line FLAVAS

well obviously... now I know.
In general - not my style fashion-wise, but body-type definitelly yes
 and give me more pretty please:-)

Here are my first fotos of her:


**** *** ****

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