Tuesday, February 2, 2016

More experiments

Told you it is addictive...
Attendion all dolls - crazy woman with varnish remover!

Victim number two is an unidentified platinum blond doll /anybody??/, with slightly mean and not-so-bright look on her face and yes - blue eyes, pastel lips with glitter, aggghhh
(Her body is all floppy - her joints are completely loose at this point:-( )


oh wait, I have this banal, contemporary Barbie as well...

After (varnish remover + brown point pen) 
again - almost likable ladies /Barbie didn't get more than ( seconds of attention obviously;-)

and nicely dressed:
(this time real silk dress - theatre costume scraps and beyond vintage, pre-war lace application from some pillow I can't believe we deconstructed...)

high five!
Stay tuned:-)

**** *** ****

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