Monday, September 19, 2016

My Dolls - nr 46

Next of my dolls is an eBay purchase. She had a noticeably tanned skin and dark hair (and a nice price too). I am a bit of a lame european 'orientalist' and ethnographer so I got excited with a good looking blue 'belly dancer' outfit and an unusual henna/tattoo around belly button.

She had a beach feet /syndrome/ so I started research even before she arrived - I opted for Teresa /as I was in the neo-Teresa mold haze/ but to my surprise and delight a very nice seller informed me its actually Beach Fun Lea (2005).

Hobbit body and bulb head, but hey - my third Lea / Kayla yay!

eBay pics:

She arrived quickly nicely a textile sleeve and with a chocolate candy:-)

here she's after de-enveloping:

 the characteristic doll's feature and details of clothing
unusual, exaggerated, slightly dated eyes...

after closer examination i found out that her hair is a mess, she looked as if she has some overgrown undercut and the oriental dress was a bit touristic and costumy and i don't-really-like-blue... so I decided to sell it to feel better about the situation...

She waited in a queue for most of Spring and half of the Summer but when i used boiling water on her hair and took where she belongs - to the beach - I learnt to like her:-)

here she is boxed - with sunglasses, bikini and pareo :

and with friends from her line

and a sneak peak :


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  1. She definitely is a good find. She is looking good after you worked on her hair! Nice job. I own Cali Girl Lea Western Horseback who has the beach feet plus she has articulation. I originally bought her for my daughter, but she is mine now! Her eyes are not a large as the Beach Fun Lea. I actually love her beach feet, but it is hard to find shoes to fit her. She does have a pair of boots and sandals made for those feet. I have a few other Cali Girls too, but have rebodied most of them because of the lack of articulation.

  2. Thanks she is lots of Fun:-)
    Feet are lovely when in nature or at the beach..
    there is a great clash before what gets published (i have stuff scheduled at this point) what I am writing about ahead and what i just bought:-P
    I have the horseback riding one too - a lucky 50 pence find at car boot sale (shoes and clothes incl.) - can't believe my luck - she went with me for holidays to Croatia this year - despite my rule of 'order of apperiance' :-P

  3. bardzo lubię plażówki -
    moja stała się ukochaną
    Jamesa Bonda :)))