Sunday, September 25, 2016

My dolls - nr 47

My doll nr 47 is very special (which isn't, which doesn't have a story and meaning...) - she is one of those dolls for me: "if you have a bad day, weather sucks and kids are disrespectful - know there is a doll waiting for you", you know.

Can't recall what it was, could be half term as I was wondering around with a pushchair and a schoolboy in the middle of an old town. Due to numerous travels, council tax and stuff we were short of money for the first time since we emigrated in 2008 and I took rather bad.

We have been heading to the childrens library but despite having no money in a wallet I wanted to check that charity shop I never enter as its not on our route usually... Toys part was a bit messy, my pushchair blocking all the way... but then i see a leg and a mess of black hair, bag with accessories...and Jasmina with her dude...I pull another corpse's leg, and omg!!! Clean mega vintage, big eyes Kira with super long hair, original earrings and some clothes from the period...
I can feel adrenaline kicking in even when i'm writing it months later (its still my only vintage second hand Asian doll somehow...)

with shaking hands I check my wallet, making up excuses, deals and arrangements with the 'eldrely lady behind the counter' but hay, I managed to squeeze 1.35 in small coins and she is mine!!

I'm obviously not so enthusiastic about the unrealistic and colorful manga eyes (coral lips are gorgeous tho)...I even had sacrilegious thoughts abut altering her make-up and selling clothes but hey! as far as I remember there is nothing better in Barbie world than pink summer pants and a jacket with abstract pattern in contrasting colors;-)

and hellooo...underneath she seems to have her original outfit from a box /bottom as well/! - lavender purple, metallic and terribly dated bikini. She only misses a 'real plastic gold' necklace as her star-shaped earrings and even original metallic purple elastic is still in her her.

a very happy end for barely played with 25 years old doll!

box pic for reference
 and a full set (no thank you)


p.s. I kept the clothes but turned her into some kind of dark flower fairy ;-)
how lovely are these sun-kissed hair. Premium quality!!!


  1. każda Kira warta jest posiadania -
    a zwłaszcza długowłosa - moje Kiry
    pozdrawiają ślicznotkę w wianku :)

  2. sa bezwzglednie boskie i takie 80sowe:-)
    mam teraz jeszcze 2!