Thursday, September 1, 2016

My Dolls nr 42

It is an amazing doll and a serious milestone - great victory and the begening of a downfall so to speak... moment when I started to spot occasions on ebay on a cost of checking it daily, you know (if you are reading this it must sound familiar LOL).
This way I managed to purchase an articulated, African-American (re)boxed Barbie with clothes and accessories for £2.50 + postage.

The box is pretty worn out and doll was quite obviously re-wired to the cardboard but her original, aged hairband is still on her ponytail... yet it is the biggest box I ever held and the greatest amount of accessories. The doll is new and properly 'black' /hair-wise as well/! This is also my first vintage Christie mold 1987 doll.



 red lips, red earrings, simple brown eyes!

flat feet

instructions - have't seen these for 20 years

cartwheeling with that thingie ring!

 bodies compassion (by night)
/Olympic ice-skater 1997, Olympic Gymnast 94, Gymnast 94/

 Olympic gymnast doll comes in few versions - Caucasian, auburn, brunette  etc...

 ...she is really fun to dress and pose... 
her hair are really natural looking reminding me the original Benetton line somehow


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  1. Christie ma niepowtarzalną buźkę -
    a do ciał pajacyków mam sentyment :)