Friday, September 16, 2016

Adventures in rebodying 1

After very successful hunt for a donor I happily performed my first official rebodying (oh after Erica i mean;-). After breaking the neck /literally;-)/ using hairdryer method I became a great fan of the boiling water option - good for hair and her...

for a sake of roro dols chronicles - here is Christie as a broken charity shop mermaid:

so here is the skin tone comparison between Mermaid Christie and MyScene Madison...

 no mercy... last good bye to ya heads... Christie looks quite happy:-)

some clean, good looking healthy hooks...

and tadaaam...a compeltely new-old doll - this will never stop to amaze me!

enjoying some proper sea-blue (sic!) vintage shoes and vintage Laura Asley floral fabric skirt - soon to attend our first official outdoor session!

happy adventures!

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