Thursday, September 22, 2016

Charity shop find...

My children are very understanding. My 3 yo daughter knows the difference between momys dolls to watch and her to wash and play (and throw and brush ;-). She sometimes asks if she can hold one or another or look at some of them, comments on lip colour and leaves <3
My son who is 5,5 an d sometimes jealous of all the colors, accessories and dolls girls can have and posses, so when I saw this gentle man, with rooted hair, missing nose tip and a lovely price of £1 i was not picky at all.

travelling on a pushchair

oh well, maybe he is blond but sooooo much better than 80/90 Ken my mother never wanted to buy for me /obviously/. He is almost handsome (in playline blonde doll sense;-)/ and oh so articulated!

I must say his hands and feet are so very well done and realistic...

My son was so proud he too it to school the next day. His best girl friend was super jelly;-) He was quite specific about his clothes too and I tried to this day i owe him socks, gloves and a jacket...

 sorry for the poor quality of these ones...

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  1. Great find! It is hard to find the articulated playline Kens these days. I love that you gave him to your son.

  2. hehe, thanks. It's a really good compromise between me, my son and my collection :-P He has his own for when I am restoring and little sister is bathing hers...

  3. jaki┼╝ On ruchawy - super!!!