Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bootsale bug - donors and treasures

It was beginning of Spring 2016 when I seriously got infected with a carboot sale bug...
I admitted that i collect, but still was very strict regarding my dolls hair color and race... I was not even looking at Superstars no matter what and was not buying for resale at all... but the adrenaline rush was there already - the moment we were leaving the roundabout and you saw the rows of stallholders, oh dear! "Stop the boat!"

I can recall this boot sale very clearly. We had not much money left and no cash with us for sure... 
something like 5 pounds for 4 ppl... I have been hunting for a body donor for my (mixed race/tanned) Mermaid - scored but found so much more!

First few boxes laying on the asphalt with a great amounts of really old toys. God knows what I left there - I had no money so picked only the most striking ones...

Proper black doll I always wanted - 
wonderful British Empire made one. Lovely amber-coloured eyes and a broken 'crying box' (aka boombox)...

everyone is pink inside after all.../or sth/

...and unspeakable, 50's it seems fashion doll with a plastic push-up bra with a lock, both shoes!, fancy flower earrings, cute and modest cotton pantalones and fierce sleepy eye system... I tried to identify her but there are only few mentions on-line - mainly requests for identification - another Hong Kong British Empire made doll...

so unusual and unexpected - i still don't know what to think of her!

then I scored - Madison MyScene doll (I was not aware of tanned ones) in a perfect skin tone and completely boxed doll outfit and shoes - as I found at home  (50 p).

accessories already have a new owner and body aswell;-)

Last but not least - a true miracle - proper vintage Sindy/Tammy clone made by Evergreen. I was not educated nor experienced on Sindies at that time but just grabbed her instinctively.
She has a very flirty yet modest look. Real nylon tights, corduroy pants and woolly felt brown outdoor jacket / tweed... her outfit is so well made and from the era I am still confused about the true nature of this doll...

freakin 50 p from a senior couple...

later i have found out clones have a special dedicated page as well:-) <3

And this is how you look when you apparently and no cash and forget to take a bag...

also - my children are so understanding! It is very easy to satisfy them with a new old car or 20p glittery scheisse... and they know - old dollies are for mommy. Not only they don't mow - they try to help:-)

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  1. o tym plastikowym staniczku w kilku barwnych
    wersjach tylko czytałam - dzisiaj w końcu go
    mogłam zobaczyć - fajoski, jako i samaż Dama!