Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My doll nr 45

...Back to my £ 0,99 purchase  "I can deal with 'the blonde one' and those shiny dresses" LOL... little did I know... after realizing I accidentally got a rather characteristic and loved Hollywood nails Barbie I started process of identification of the long haired mixed race beauty.

Her skin tone is like a cinnamon, curly hair have really light blonde streaks and a bit surprisingly - she has so called Lara /Ana face which I adore since I first saw her in Basic line ages ago (before collecting and babies;-)).
She is quite often on ebay and sometimes gets tagged as 'Beyonce' which is intriguing.*

Mine was not in such a good shape - not only her hair were not so curly anymore but she had marks on her face and around the lips. I thought "oh i know. i am not afraid to use the varnish remover like this silly seller". Well obviously it didn't work and probably thats why i got her so cheap;-)

after delivery

dress sold, shoes serve very well

close up on lips someone tried to fix (and lovely gray eyes with pink shadow, cute little star/sparkle and some annoying glitter...

after varnish remover failure - here comes google with its fantastic answers... tried baking soda - nope... had to wait few weeks for hubby to go to Pl and buy me a cheap 'acne treatment cream' = basycally anything with an active component of benzoyl peroxide.

Here she is in the process:

 I really enjoyed her with no lipstic whatsoever - very tempting...

I played with fixing her hair... here is a shot with new lips and hair curling on pipe cleaners..


She is quite obviously - Rayla doll - The Cloud Queen from movie "Barbie - Magic of the Pegasus"
I couldn't bear myself to watch the whole movie...but it explains the star and glitter. The name is nice - the dress is awful - one of these colours which hurt my eyes... and silver foil necklace and a bit bulb head tbh...and why, oh why tanned Lara???

here is a still from a movie:

Rayla as a nearly new doll with original cool/pale pink lips

and in a box:

here is all the cast

there is Black main princess version as well...

and a nice ginger friend 'Brietta'

*  *** *


  1. you did a very nice job of cleaning her up and getting rid of the "green ear" spots on her face. She also is looking lovely in her new face paint. Congrats on a job well done!

  2. I'm really happy and glad - a true survivor!
    New lipstick is a bit messy tho:-P

  3. całe szczęście, że nie trafiła do kolejnego
    jakże TFUrczego dziecka - moją wyżebrałam
    od innej lalkary i wciąż mnie zachwyca...

  4. to jest swietny mold a te wlosy szalowe!!!